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Sea Kayak Accessories – Essential And Fun Accessories For Kayakers

Sea Kayak Accessories– Essential And Enjoyable Accessories For Kayakers

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Sea Eagle.com is popular for their inflatable whitewater and ocean kayaks. The maker provides a complete line of sea kayak accessories. A few of these accessory products are necessary for your safety on the ocean or whitewater trips, others suit the ‘fun’ classification.

Some of the most common inflatable ocean kayak accessory products for example:
Life jackets and paddling vests– Coastline Guard approved PFDs are a should for owners of inflatable boats and kayaks.

Inflator pump– You can inflate your sea kayak with a hand operated pump. A 110 V high volume inflator/deflator makes the job easier and quicker.

Repair kit for kayaks– This is a vital accessory product in case the kayak develops a leakage. The kit includes two patches of the hull product, glue and a valve replacement tool.

Bilge pump– A high volume hand operated bilge pump is necessary for getting the water out of the inflatable when on the water.

Storage bags for bow and stern– Great boating accessories for keeping your products and gear.

Kayak carry bag– Deflate and roll up the inflatable sea kayak, then place it on the bag and wrap the bag around it for simple storage.

Seats– It’s nice to have a seat with a back rest in your ocean kayak for long paddling or rowing. These Deluxe seats are really comfortable
Although there are many more kinds of accessories you can get for your inflatable ocean kayak, this will provide you an idea of exactly what is offered.

The most crucial accessory on the above list is the life jacket or personal flotation gadget (PFD). A PFD is ruled out a device for any boat, whether it is an ocean kayak or a rowboat. It is a vital part of any sea kayaking equipment and you should never ever head out in any inflatable without wearing a Coastline Guard approved life vest.

The second most important inflatable boat accessory is your hull repair kit. Although Sea Eagle has a little patch kit for minor repairs there is a much better inflatable ocean kayak repair kit readily available for bigger jobs from Tuff Coat. Many if not all these boating devices can be bought from the maker or retailer where you bought the kayak.

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